Is Nuclear Radiation Really Dangerous? Galen Winsor Tells Us.

This is a really tough one for me to think about. You go through your life thinking that you have good information, you have the information common to all people gleaned from a lifetime of information coming your way via the media of news and magazines and world events. You listen to your governement on serious issues. You act based on instinct and your gut and the info you think is right and good and protective for yourself and humanity at large.

When I was a kid my dad built a fallout shelter in our back yard. It was a huge project when I was about 8 years old and it not taken lightly because we were a struggling middle class family and the project was expensive. I had to deal with all kinds of thoughts like: what if …. what if it really happened? what if my neighbors tried to get in? What to do when grandma refuses to come in it? What if I find dead people on the streets? I was taught in school like millions of others to duck and cover. My dad told me to ignore that and run home as fast as I could.

This is a VERY controversial film and I am trying to deal with the information as best I can. Above and beyond all else we must deal the idea of why anyone would want to lie to us? Why is our government lying to us? What are the environmentalists trying to do? Are they brainwashed too? Are they covert emisaries for the nuclear radation industry who wants to control the money and the power that is contained in tons and tons of nuclear waste?

Please watch this film. I think it may be important. I will look forward to hearing your comments and to looking at all information that you may have that can support this position. I already have a ton of information contrary to what Galen Winsor says.

Then following the film is a radio interview with someone who interviewed Galen Winsor, the whistle blower on this topic.

Radio Program:

You can hear another interview of Galen Winsor on this page.